Veneers Can Turn Your Smile Into A Perfect 10

Dental veneers are a method of improving the aesthetic look of your front teeth. They are a great way for people with healthy teeth to achieve a better smile, especially considering how simple they are.

Veneers are a thin covering, most commonly made of porcelain, that attach onto the front of a healthy tooth. The covering effectively improves teeth that are chipped, worn, severely stained, and misshapen. It can also cover up gaps between teeth and cover the appearance of crooked teeth.

All veneers are custom-fitted to the tooth that it is placed on. Dentists use porcelain to make veneers because of its look and its durability. As such, good quality traditional veneers can last up to 15 years.

There are two main types of veneers available to patients. Traditional veneers are the predominant type and are the longest lasting. The process of getting traditional veneers requires dentists to prepare your teeth by grinding them down. This reshapes the tooth’s surface to effectively adhere the veneer. As such, it is a more involved process than the other option, no-prep veneers.

Usually, getting a dental veneer involves a minimum of three trips to the dentist. The first is a consultation, the second a fitting, and the third is for the application of the veneers.

No-prep veneers have the benefit of requiring only a little preparation. In most cases, this preparation is minimal and takes less time than getting traditional veneers. However, this type of veneer has a short life than traditional veneers. Generally, no-prep veneers last up to 7 years.

It is most common to get veneers on any or all of the front eight teeth, as these are the most visible teeth. Dentists will provide appropriate options for veneer treatment depending on your needs and other factors. Veneers can only be installed on healthy teeth. Additional precautions, like wearing a guard, need to be taken for people who grind their teeth.