Panoramic X-Rays: Get A Close Look At Our Technology

Panoramic x-rays are an effective method of giving dentists a comprehensive view of a patient’s jaw, mouth, neck, and head. It has become a standard choice for dentists to use this method of x-ray as part of routine examinations. In addition to providing a good overall view, panoramic x-rays are also much more comfortable for patients and can be completed in minutes.

This type of x-ray is able to capture everything in one image and is an effective method to help dentists to get an overview of a patient’s oral health and diagnose as needed. There is no need for the patient to prepare for this type of x-ray in any special way and the process can be completed in minutes.

During a panoramic x-ray, the patient will stand in the center of the x-ray machine looking forward. In most cases, dental staff will provide patients with a lead apron to wear on their body as a precautionary measure. The patient stands, looking straight ahead, and should try and remain as still as possible.

The machine’s x-ray tube will move around the patient in a half-circle from one side to the other. This is the process of capturing the panoramic image of the patient. From there, digital x-ray images of the patient’s mouth will be sent to a computer.

Even though the x-ray machine captures 3D images of a patient, it is transposed into a 2D image so that the dentist can view the structure of your teeth and jaw in a single image.

Dentists use panoramic x-ray images in a variety of ways. It has become a standard tool in evaluating overall dental health during routine examinations. It can reveal potential decay and damage issues, as well as reveal potential cancerous tissue. Panoramic x-rays are also often used in planning out orthodontic procedures, like braces.