Our Intraoral Camera Gives You A Crystal-Clear Image Of Your Smile

An intraoral camera gives dentists and patients a clear view into the interior of the mouth. Oftentimes, dentists will use a mirror tool to see various corners and angles of different parts of the mouth. However, sometimes a clearer, more precise view is needed to diagnose oral health.

Intraoral cameras are most commonly found in a wand form that fits easily into a dental patient’s mouth. It allows the practitioner the versatility to move around the mouth and view different parts of the mouth clearly.

In addition to the camera component, the wand also has a light that illuminates the areas of the mouth it is pointed toward. Not only does the light make it easier to see the mouth interior, many are specially designed to indicate if a tooth is healthy or not. The tooth will appear in a different color if it is diseased, making for an easy diagnosis.

Images from intraoral cameras can be captured and added as files to a patient’s records. These images can be still or video images. The camera also gives the dentist the ability to zoom into areas of interest for a better, more precise look.

For the patient, the experience of the intraoral camera is similar to that of a normal cleaning and check-up. The size of the wand of the camera is very similar to that of the mirror wand that dentists use. Patients simply need to open their mouth widely while the dentist checks the inside of their mouth.

Even better, patients can view the real time images from the camera on a screen next to them. These are the same images that the dentist is referencing for their diagnoses. As such, the dentist can point out areas of your mouth to provide a better visual understanding of your oral health.