Teeth Whitening Makes Those Pesky Tooth Stains Vanish

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment to remove stains and discoloration from teeth. It is a proven method to lighten the shade of your teeth dramatically. Only a dentist can provide an effective solution for whitening your teeth.

The process of teeth whitening involves the application of a solution that bleaches teeth to lighten its color. Dentists use peroxide-based solutions in a gel form. These  gels vary in strength, so it is important for the dentist to apply it for the correct amount of time.

Dentists can achieve great whitening results in just one 30 to 60 minute office visit. In addition to applying teeth whitening gel, dentists have also incorporated the use of light and heat to facilitate the whitening process. In-office treatments are especially effective and necessary for those with more significant discoloration and staining.

Additionally, a dentist may prescribe a custom-fitted whitening tray for patients to use at home in-between whitening treatments. This solution is effective for maintaining the whitening that is achieved at the dentist’s office, though is not preventative against staining and darkening.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions are much less effective than treatment from a dentist. For one thing, the solutions are much weaker, containing as little as 3-percent peroxide compared to 43-percent solutions at the dental office. Additionally, there are risks of self-application. Generally, the mouth guards provided in these home kits do not fit properly, causing the gel solution to reach and affect the gums.

Teeth whitening is an effective solution that can provide patients with a better smile and whiter teeth for a potentially long period of time, depending on the foods and drinks you consume regularly. Ultimately, there are many varied reasons why teeth lose whiteness. Your dentist can help explain these reasons and provide a tooth-whitening regimen that's tailored to your needs.