National Children’s Dental Health Month wraps up this week and our Longmont dentist and staff would like to remind everyone that great oral hygiene habits are necessary not only in February but all year long.  Children’s Dental Health Month was created by the American Dental Association as a starting place to have a conversation about oral health.  It is a time to talk with children about the importance of brushing and flossing.  As the dentist Longmont families trust with their oral health and cosmetic dentistry needs, let us help you talk about oral hygiene habits. 

Your First Visit

Your child’s first visit to our Longmont dentist is a way of getting to know each other.  It is recommended that children see a dentist for the first time as their first birthday approaches.  More than likely, a few teeth have come in and you’ve had a couple months to introduce brushing and possibly flossing.   Expect the first visit with our team to be relaxing and fun.  We want to establish a relationship with each child and to help them feel comfortable.   Our team might count teeth, sing silly songs, and show you around our fun office.  We work to put your child at ease now and with future visits.

Early Childhood Oral Health Care

As your children age, good oral hygiene habits carry with them.  This is why it is important to introduce brushing and flossing early.  By starting now, your children will learn the importance of oral health and make oral hygiene habits part of their everyday routine. 

Leading by Example

Kids learn a lot from their parents and older siblings.  Turn brushing and flossing into a family activity if necessary.  Let your young ones see how you care for your smile so they’ll follow suit and mimic you.  Videos that stress the importance of brushing and flossing are available online and make brushing and flossing fun if your child needs some direction.

Practice Fine Motor Skills

While young children are still learning to control their coordination and toothbrush, it will be necessary for an adult to help brush and floss.  However, let your kids try these tasks by themselves so that they can practice and get better. 

Healthy Snacks

Dental health is also about healthy snack choices.  Give your family healthy alternatives to sweets and junk food.  Fruits and vegetables are perfect for growing kids and help keep teeth and gums healthy.  Talk with our Longmont dentist if you are in need of suggestions.  We’re always happy to help and love providing healthy options that benefit smiles.

Visit our Longmont dentist office or join us on Facebook to learn more about ways we can work together to support and celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month.  Talk with us about your oral hygiene habits and learn how early prevention, regular dental exams, and flossing and brushing keeps smiles looking great.