If you live in the Longmont area and experience tooth pain or have a damaged tooth, then treatment is required to restore the functionality and health of your smile.  You may need a root canal to first repair the tooth, or you might require a solution for saving your tooth.  Our Longmont dentist often addresses these issues with restoration procedures such as dental crowns.  A crown is an easy procedure and worth knowing more about.  So let’s look at how a crown works and why it might be necessary.

 A natural tooth for a natural look

Whenever possible, crowns are created using a ceramic composite resin.  Ceramics are the ideal material to work with because they most closely resemble your natural teeth.  Ceramic crowns give us the ability to create teeth that mimic the appearance of your natural tooth.  Additionally, ceramic crowns can be shaded to match your existing smile. Metal alloys are another option when it comes to crown but are more noticeable.  Talk with our Longmont dentist to figure out what works best for you.

 How does a crown work?

crown works as a cap or cover over an existing tooth or dental implant.  They’re the ideal solution when a tooth is cracked, broken, or weakened by an oral health issue.  A crown provides excellent support to a compromised tooth as well.  Our Longmont dentist utilizes crowns most often to save a tooth.  After all, when we can save a tooth it is a healthier option, lasts longer, and prevents damage to the surrounding teeth at the same time.

To build a crown, our Longmont dentist and staff work with you to first get an impression taken of your mouth so we can create the perfect replica of your tooth.  We also use x-rays and cameras to get the best image of the tooth. In some cases, the tooth may be filed down a bit in order to make a secure fit for the crown. Then, depending on your treatment plan, the crown is either created in our office or the specifications are sent to a lab.  In cases where the lab will be creating your new crown, we will use a temporary crown on your prepared tooth.  Once your crown is ready, we’ll exchange the temporary one for the permanent crown.

Caring for your new crown

Taking care of your crown and existing dental work is essential for longevity.  Our Longmont dentist recommends regular dental examinations twice a year as well as brushing and flossing. Talk with us if you have any questions or if you’d like us to recommend oral hygiene products for your use.

What can a crown do for me?

The benefits of a dental crown are numerous.  The most common benefit is the fact that a crown strengthens your tooth and prevents additional decay, bone loss, and gum disease.  Additionally crowns support other teeth so premature wear and tear doesn’t occur with your tooth enamel.  In most cases, our Longmont dentist patients enjoy the appearance.  With a crown, your smile will retain its appearance and functionality and keep you looking your best.

Do you need a crown? Call our office to set up an appointment with our Longmont dentist and staff.  We are happy to help answer any questions you might have.  We look forward to helping you maintain a brilliant smile that will last a lifetime.  Find more great oral health tips on our Facebook page or ask about crowns at your next dental exam.