• Holiday Tips for Clean Teeth

  • Longmont dentist- oral healthIn the midst of the holiday season it can be easy to neglect your normal oral hygiene routine.  Company drops in, snacks and treats are endless, and parties and gatherings throw us off of our regular schedule.  The good news is our Longmont dentist staff has simple ways to keep your oral health in good standing while enjoying the festivities.  Along with our advice below, always remember to floss your teeth and brush at least twice every day regardless of your busy schedule.

    Avoid Hard, Sticky Foods

    Most dentist offices are closed on holidays, but it is smart practice to avoid hard foods that may break a dental device like dentures or crowns.  Even if you don’t have dentures, certain foods can cause a tooth to break or filling to pull out.  Peanut brittle, holiday candies, nuts, and some crunchy cookies are tasty but can do a number on your dental work.  Opt, instead, for softer foods so you don’t have to leave the party early with a dental emergency.

    Be Prepared

    It’s easy to slip a travel toothbrush and toothpaste tube into your pocket or purse.  When you have a toothbrush with you, it’s simple to take a couple minutes and brush your teeth.  Additionally, with a clean mouth, you’ll reduce the constant snacking and feel comfortable in close settings conversing with friends and neighbors.

    Swish and Spit

    If you forget your toothbrush, minimize the damage sweets can cause by swishing a mouthful of water when you excuse yourself to the restroom.  While it isn’t the ideal way to clean your teeth, it can help dislodge food stuck between your teeth and rinse the sugar off of your tooth enamel.  Then, when you get home you can properly brush.


    When you have a clean mouth you are less likely to continue eating, thus giving your waistline a break.  Also, you’ll be able to confidently talk with others at your company party or neighborhood gathering without the fear of something stuck in between your teeth or bad breath.  If these solutions just aren’t an option, carry an extra piece of sugarless gum with you.  The gum will increase the flow of saliva which will help flush out pieces of food.  If you have dentures or dental work, talk with your Longmont dentist first before chewing gum.

    If you do happen to break a tooth or lose a filling from overdoing the holiday sweets, don’t wait to have it fixed.  Delaying any dental treatment can lead to additional damage to the root and enamel, and possibly lead to an infection.  If you are away from your Longmont dentist when a dental emergency happens, call a local dentist or visit the emergency room so swift action can prevent further harm to your tooth.  We also offer emergency phone consultations to our existing patients and Restorative Dental services, should the need arrive.

    We hope you enjoy the festive atmosphere and holidays this season with clean teeth and fresh breath.  Follow us on Facebook for the latest in oral hygiene tips and have a wonderful start to the New Year.