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  • It's National Children's Dental Health Month!

    As we near the end of the month, let’s take a moment to look back.  What did you celebrate?  February is a month full of holidays and awareness; both traditional and obscure.  We have Black History and Women’s History Month.  We kick off the month with a furry rodent and end with a tribute [...]

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    Start Your New Year with Sparkling, White Teeth

    Happy New Year from our Longmont dentist and staff!  As January comes to a close, we are interested in hearing from you regarding your resolutions.  Does your resolution have to do with your health?  Have you vowed to eat better or perhaps quit smoking?  Did you promise to be a better person and[...]

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    Holiday Tips for Clean Teeth

    In the midst of the holiday season it can be easy to neglect your normal oral hygiene routine.  Company drops in, snacks and treats are endless, and parties and gatherings throw us off of our regular schedule.  The good news is our Longmont dentist staff has simple ways to keep your oral health in[...]

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