• Testimonials

  • I suffer from what is described as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (or MCS). Simply, being exposed to a variety of common chemicals in households, taxis, hotel rooms, work environments, etc. cause excessive pain and destruction to my respiratory system.

    In addition my mouth was full of amalgam fillings from dental work exceeding 30 years. The reactions from the man-made chemical in our environment was causing excessive caustic reactions with the outgassing of the mercury vapor emanating from my teeth.

    Besides the terror, sores, pain, and unexplainable psychological challenges, I lost my mortgage and marriage.

    While desperately trying to find a solution to these problems among a society of dis-believers and ignorance I found Dr. Frank Becvar and his wonderful staff at Dental By Nature. Immediately they took upon the challenge to rid my mouth of these toxic, lead infested, oxidized fillings & caps. After X-rays and detailed analysis Dr. Becvar arranged a meeting with me to discuss a plan. He pointed out to me that all the materials that will be used to replace the metals have been thoroughly researched and are the latest technology for strength, inert, toxic free substances. He offered blood testing, but I had no doubt I was severely contaminated.

    It became quickly apparent that he has a loyal, caring, supportive, committed and talented staff. The work that would need to be accomplished took months of multiple appointments extending close to a year. I followed through with a detoxification protocol. Besides the injections, vibrations, and mental disturbances I must say that pain was quite minimal and I never had any injuries or ongoing pain due to the dental work after leaving the office. The precision, detail, and meticulous skilled work from Dr. Becvar was very obvious during all of my visits.

    Now all the metal in my mouth is gone!! This is a huge success for the present and my future. The results are incredible! I can enjoy my food and coffee as not experienced for many years. I could find no one else to tackle these challenges and must provide an exceptional A+++ to everyone at Dental By Nature.

    Recently with a girl who I am seeing started to look at me strange… She said “Wow! You have really nice teeth!”. “Are they yours?”-She asked… I was able to look at her, smile and give her a kiss.

    Colorado Bob

  • We've been meaning to write for awhile to thank you for removing my husband's mercury fillings. He was experiencing brain fog and dizziness for several years. We now realize that this was most likely a result of him grinding his teeth with the mercury fillings. His issues have significantly improved and we are so grateful.

    Lisa & Riley

  • Dr. Becvar is unique in that he's well-researched and therefore knowledgeable about things a lot of other dentists wouldn't be. And I love that he has a holistic tendency where it counts. He extracts mercury fillings safely so that no one's health is affected from mercury releasing in the process. He did this for my mom; as mentioned, lots of dentists aren't conscious of this or able to do it. I had a hurting filling and he used a layering technique for the new filling in case air bubbles were the problem. For my first filling from a former dentist, I'd felt the entire thing because extra numbing shots weren't helping. Becvar knew of three different pathways in the mouth that needed to be injected so that I couldn't feel a thing. On top of it, his whole staff is great.

    Kelly M

  • Dr Frank Becvar is the finest family dentist that you could possibly want to have work on your teeth. His staff is very professional and always cheerful and accommodating. I highly recommend AAA Health Centered Dentistry and Dr Becvar for all your dentistry needs. PS. He is also excellent in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry as well.

    Andy B.

  • In 2014, I decided to quit seeing our family dentist because I wasn't happy with present dental thinking and practice. I was referred by my nutrition response testing specialist to see Dr. Frank in 2016 and I put it off until today. I'm removing all the metal fillings this year which is highly recommended!!! I'm so excited after my visit today. They have a well thought out plan to safely remove the fillings and detox as it happens. I feel at ease moving into this action. The whole staff explains things so we'll and I was most impressed with the time spent on explaining everything. Thanks so much!!!!

    Jenni G.

  • Dr. Becvar took amazing care of our 8 year old daughter after she developed a serious abscess. We were so much happier with the care that Dr. Becvar provided vs. our original practice, that we switched our family of 6 over. It's both rare and refreshing to see someone so passionate about the work they do! The staff is super friendly and communicative too.

    Katie B.

  • Dr Becvar and his staff are wonderful. My daughter flys home to see him as there is no one else she would go to. Dr Becvar is a caring dentist that cares about your whole health. I highly recommend him.

    Terry F.

  • This testimonial is long overdue but written with absolute passion and belief about Dr. Becvar, his practice and his amazing team.

    I went to see Dr. Becvar in October of 2016. I was referred by a good friend who knew that I was skeptical of dentists after years of bad treatment from various dentists. She told me that Dr. Becvar was the dentist for me, and that recommendation has changed my life.

    When I was younger and my second teeth came in, they were misshapen and had to be held together by buckles (fillings on the sides of your teeth). This was back in the 80s and metal fillings were the thing. I never knew that metal fillings were about 50% mercury until after my first visit with Dr. Becvar and then some research. My childhood dentist prided himself on his work and was happy when these fillings had lasted for over 30 years. The problem is that the metal fillings are only stable for about 3 or 4 years and then start to degrade. And you start ingesting tiny bits of mercury every time you eat, drink, or swallow. Terrifying.

    This is especially terrifying for someone who has struggled with low immunity for years. I contracted Legionnaires Disease back when I was in my early 20s and never fully recovered. It has been joked that, if someone sneezes, I will be sick for 2 weeks. It's not far off. I am an extremely hard worker and have had to call in sick so much over the course of my life that it belies my work ethic. Could mercury poisoning be the reason why I have never fully healed? Legionnaires nearly killed me, but this slow demise during
    the prime of my life wasn't really where I saw my life going.

    Dr. Becvar suggested I should get all those fillings out (there were a lot), and my guard immediately went up. He was very low key about it, not high pressure at all, but I have had some bad experiences, including a dentist pulling the wrong tooth out. I was reluctant. He didn't push me at all, he just gave me a plan if I wanted to do it and showed me how much it would cost. I thought about it.

    I went home and kept thinking about it. A few days later, I mentioned it to my husband. I waited because I figured he would say that I was being naïve and taken advantage of. Then I told my husband the one phrase that Dr. Becvar said that stuck with me, and it stuck with him, too: "Why would you put something in your mouth (mercury) that you can't legally put in a landfill? " Done. I was in.

    It was a long, arduous and sometimes painful month with multiple fillings removed, a tooth extracted ( the correct one!) and a heavy metal detox program. All the time, I felt like I was being listened to and cared for. Dr. Becvar took special steps to make sure neither of us ingested the mercury dust as he ground out the fillings, or that I swallowed any pieces. I trusted a dentist again…what a relief!

    A week after started the detox and the filling removal, my hair starting growing again. I mean, I had baby peach fuzz hair all over my head after most of my hair falling out 20+ years ago. My nails were longer than I have ever seen them. Everyone at Dr. Becvar's office looked at me incredulously! They couldn't believe it was so fast or so drastic. A month later came December: my busiest time of the year at work combined with the holidays; this can be a low immunity, stress-filled time of year for anyone. Yet, I found myself working 22 days straight of 14 hour plus days with only brief (explicable) moments of low-energy or feeling a little run down. This hasn't happened in years! I felt like a new woman.

    Now I am going on nine months and my hair is longer and thicker than it has been in over 18 years and I have been sick for a total of 4 days this year, compared to weeks and weeks in prior years. I have more energy for everything! It has been such a long road to find this solution and I am so grateful that my friend brought me to Dr. Becvar and that he guided me onto this path of healing.

    Thank you, Jessyca and Dr. Becvar and all of your amazing staff! I am eternally and internally grateful!

    Leigh K.