IntraOral Cameras

Recent technological advancements in the dental industry have provided us with new tools to better assist our patients. At Dental By Nature we proudly offer intraoral imaging. This advanced technology makes it easier than ever to detect issues at their earliest stages.

What Are Intraoral Cameras?

Intraoral cameras are tiny, about the size of a pencil, high definition cameras that display the inside of your mouth on a screen. There is a special LED light that has the ability to detect cavities, fractures, and other issues we would not be able to see otherwise. Now patients can see exactly what Dr. Becvar or one of his staff members sees in real-time.

This technology assists us in educating our patients about their specific situation. This visual allows our patients to better understand their oral health and help them make more informed decisions.

What Are the Advantages of Intraoral Cameras?

Immediate Results: the inside of your mouth is displayed on a large screen giving you a visual of what your dentist sees.

Precise: this technology allows us to take high definition pictures of the interior of your mouth.

Easy Referrals: if further examination is required by another professional, we can happily email them your images.

Better Planning: more precise results allow us to determine an effective treatment plan for your specific situation.