• Fluoride Treatments

  • Fluoride is a natural mineral found in food and water and has the power to strengthen enamel and protect you from cavities. It can also be used to treat early signs of tooth decay.

    At Dental By Nature, our highly skilled staff is qualified to administer fluoride treatments to patients looking to strengthen their enamel and obtain a better-looking and healthier smile. This is a fast treatment and lasts only a few minutes.

    How does fluoride help my teeth?

    Tooth enamel can weaken over time for a variety of reasons. Fluoride can help strengthen enamel and combat tooth decay early on. Fluoride is found in food and water, in toothpaste and mouthwash, and can be professionally administered. Drinking water and eating food that contain fluoride is a great way to easily protect your teeth since each bite and sip coats your mouth with fluoride.

    Why should I get a professional fluoride treatment?

    Fluoride treatments are a simple preventative treatment to help fight against cavities. Since some individuals are more prone to tooth decay and cavities, certain patients can especially benefit from this treatment.

    Factors that tend make individuals more susceptible to cavities include:

    • Genetics
    • Particular composition of teeth
    • Daily activities
    • Active cavities
    • Drug abuse
    • Overconsumption of alcohol
    • Bad oral hygiene
    • Eating disorders
    • Not going to the dentist regularly
    • High levels of cavity-causing bacteria
    • Fillings
    • Head and neck radiation therapy
    • Bad diet
    • Tooth roots exposed
    • Defects of tooth enamel
    • Dry mouth

    How do I take care of my teeth after a professional fluoride treatment?

    Home Care

    You should continue your regular oral hygiene routine by brushing at least twice a day and flossing once. Although fluoride treatments strengthen enamel and shield your teeth from decaying, you can still develop cavities.  

    Office Visits

    Routine checkups are essential to your oral health. Some dental issues such as plaque have to be treated by a professional. Even patients with immaculate oral habits are urged to see their dentist two times a year.  

    Dietary Guidelines

    Maintaining a well-balanced diet and not eating sugary or brightly-colored foods not only helps your oral health but overall as well. A good diet along with professional fluoride treatments and consuming food and drinks with high levels of fluoride can significantly reduce cavities from developing.

    While fluoride treatments are a great option to strengthen your enamel and avoid cavities, they might not be right for you. Our team at Dental By Nature is happy to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding topical fluoride treatments.

    Our conveniently located office proudly serves patients from Longmont, Mead, Niwot, Hygiene and other nearby communities.

    At Dental By Nature, we know you have bigger things to worry about than cavities. We can help you stay worry-free with the use of fluoride treatments. Call us today at (303) 776-6021 to make an appointment.