Have you thought about making a New Year’s resolution as you step foot into the New Year?  If you happen make a resolution or two, do you stick with them?  Most people don’t which only starts your year off on the wrong foot.  If you want to make a resolution that will work, why not chose one that is easy to follow through with.  As a bonus you’ll have made a long-term change that will improve your confidence and health.   Of course, we are talking about your smile.  As a dentist Longmont community members trust for their preventative and cosmetic dentistry needs, consider making your resolution this year.  Give yourself the gift and the goal of a new smile. 

Resolutions are geared at improving one’s self; what better way to improve yourself than with your smile.  Set the goal now at the beginning of the year so that you can have all year to work on your goal and take part in the benefits your dental insurance offers. 

Get your questions answered first

We know that a good smile takes time.  However, it is easy to achieve a new smile when you work with our Longmont dentist and staff.  The best way to start is to research your options.  Start by scheduling a consultation with our Longmont dentist.  Tell us your goals and how you want your smile to be.  Then, we will help you work with your dental insurance company.  We can determine any out-of-pocket costs and will know what will be covered.   It is also a great idea to contact your health savings account holder.  Ask what procedures you can use your HSA or FSA for and ask our staff for help if you need additional information.   

Begin planning

Now that your research is complete and your questions are answered, we can establish a plan.  A smile makeover is a broad term that covers a variety of procedures.  You might want whiter teeth or veneers.  You may be a candidate for a crown or bridge.  Whatever you need to make your smile great, you can count on our Longmont dentist to deliver amazing care and services.  Along with your plan, you’ll need to establish a method for saving for any out-of-pocket costs so you can use your HSA effectively. Our dentist will help you build an oral treatment plan that will help you get your smile back in shape. At the same time, you’ll have a very clear picture as to how to set a small amount of money aside.

Making it work

The plan is in place and you know what to expect.  Now, you need to follow through on your intentions and make it work.  Since you knew the upfront costs and what your dental insurance company would cover, you can set about getting your work done.  Our New Year’s resolution isn’t time consuming and doesn’t leave you with a half-completed goal.  You’ll have your new and improved smile and will love showing it off.  Just by saving a little at a time and knowing how your dental insurance is handled makes all the difference.   In fact, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful you look.  A single idea that took only a few phone calls to execute can result in a lifetime accomplishment.  Smiles give you self-confidence and can improve your mood.  They make us more approachable.  Let your new smiles open doors for you see what opportunities await you in the New Year. 

Our Longmont dentist family wishes you and your family a wonderful and happy New Year.  We look forward to helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted and can’t wait to see you in the upcoming year.  Follow our office on Facebook or call our office if you have any questions.  We’re always happy to help when it comes to smiles!