If you’ve been listening, you already know that regular visits to our Longmont dentist office and brushing and flossing are essential to your oral health.  Do you also know that your diet plays an important part in your smile?  The foods we eat keep our bodies, and our smiles healthy.  And, coming off of our big Thanksgiving meals may have you thinking that you didn’t eat as healthy as you should have.  Fortunately, the dentist Longmont residents recommends for oral health care is here to help while also offering some tips on cosmetic dentistry services; all things that lead to a great smile.

The Great Pumpkin

Today, we’ll look at the nutritious benefits of the pumpkin and how it can affect your oral health.  Most likely, you had a sliver or two of pumpkin pie this holiday season with the potential to have more as we continue to celebrate various holidays.  While our Longmont dentist will be quick to warn you that too much pie isn’t so great for your smile, there are some surprising benefits.

The History of Pumpkins

Oral Health Benefits and Pumpkins

Our Longmont dentist promotes healthy eating because of the vitamins and minerals foods possess that help our smiles.  Pumpkins are packed with vitamin A and vitamin C and are also one of the vegetables with the least amount of calories.  The vitamin C helps our teeth and bones stay strong, especially our tooth enamel.  Healthy enamel, keeps teeth strong and protected.  If you have had a teeth whitening procedure, these vitamins can play a role in keeping your bright new smile whiter longer, as well.  Fiber is another perk of pumpkin, helping our digestive system and controlling our cholesterol.

Visit our Longmont dentist if you would like to discuss ways in which healthy eating can improve your smile, or simply if you are overdue for a regular cleaning.  We also post oral health tips and information on our Facebook page and website if you are in need of additional ways to keep your smile looking its best.  Let us know how you incorporate pumpkin into your diet, or share your favorite recipes with us on Instagram.