Getting your family back into a routine as summer comes to a close can be difficult.  After all, it’s been a season of lazy mornings, long evenings, and fun vacation days; it’s hard to fathom the challenge of getting back on track.  The good news is that it is possible, and our Longmont dentist and staff have created a checklist that we hope will help a bit.  Use the list as a general guide and adjust as needed, or add columns for each family member for notes and dates.

Items to Schedule

This is a great opportunity to schedule all the appointments and dental exams you need to cover this year.  Before school activities and schedules get too hectic, pick up the phone and make the necessary calls or instruct your older children to schedule their own appointments.  It’s a great learning experience for them while teaching responsibility.  Items to include are:

Build your calendar

Everyone functions better when they know what to expect and what the day holds.  Create a family calendar online that all can use.  Add everyone’s activities, appointments, Longmont dentist visits, holidays, and no-school days and review the upcoming week together each Sunday.

Healthy Snacks Grocery List

Kids are going to come home from school or jump between after school activities with food on their mind.  Talk with your family about the importance of eating healthy and making good food selections.  For older children who are able to leave school grounds for lunch, express the importance of good choices and discuss healthy available options around town.  Fill your pantry and refrigerator with foods that are nutritious and beneficial for everyone’s oral health.  Some ideas could be:

Daily expectations

One final suggestion our Longmont dentist office can suggest is to work together to create to-do lists or chore charts for the family.  This gives everyone a chance to pitch in and support the family household.  We like charts that include both self-improvement as well as chores and take less than an hour to complete.  With a little planning, everything can get done in ample time and everyone understands they have a part to play in the family.


As needed

Each family is unique and will have a different style and chart.  Make it work for you and see how quickly your family can work together to achieve your goals.  We’d love to hear what works for you and your family on our Facebook page, too!  Visit us for more healthy topics and oral health tips or call our office with any dental questions you have.