• Three Reminders From Your Longmont Dentist This Fall

  • Happy Autumn from your Longmont dentist office! As the weather changes this fall, it’s easy to get cozy under a blanket and complacent with your health routines. Let this change be an opportunity to re-establish your routine instead. Your commitment to yourself is essential to your body’s functions running smoothly. Here are three reminders for your health this fall:

    Remember to Brush

    As we enter the season of tricks and treats, holiday parties, and lazy movie days by the fireplace, there will be plenty of opportunities to snack. Snacks can make or break the event, and we understand that there’s a time to indulge. That time, if there ever was one, is now. ‘Tis the season. Remember to brush and floss after sweet treats, even if you’re away from the comfort of your own bathroom. Bring a travel toothbrush and flossers in your work bag with you to keep your mouth clean throughout the day. Cavities work just as hard as you do, so stay ahead! It only takes a couple of minutes of your lunch break to brush your teeth. Your Longmont dentist may have a spare toothbrush for you to take home with you after your next visit.

    Keep Hydrated

    Our bodies are mostly water, so it’s vital to keep a steady flow of water in your system. It helps flush out toxins and keeps your entire system running smoothly. You need water for every single bodily function, and if you’re not properly hydrated, the system won’t run at its peak performance. Starting with the mouth, water will clear stuck food particles from your teeth and aid in digestion. Dehydration, on the other hand, allows bacteria to create plaque and can lead to gum disease. A dehydrated mouth won’t produce enough saliva naturally to digest food properly. There are many opportunities to choose alcohol at parties and events. Mixed drinks, wine, and beer typically contain extra sugar and carbs without many health benefits. Also, consider that alcohol prevents your kidneys from absorbing water, which would further dehydrate you. Choose water when you can! Your body and smile will thank you!

    Be Aware

    Brushing, flossing, and drinking water may seem like obvious reminders to some, but they are imperative to your health… as is your safety. When the rain and snow arrive, shift your awareness to the ground you walk on to prevent nasty falls. The crisp weather is perfect for a pickup baseball or football game, hike, bike ride… whatever floats your boat. Consider the most appropriate safety gear for that activity. Do you need a helmet, a mouthguard, pads, or goggles? Sometimes having the correct shoes can mean the difference between an epic adventure and an emergency room trip or dental disaster. Your awareness can make a huge impact on the outcome of your activities this fall.

    Enjoy the seasons as they change, and remember these three reminders for your health this fall: to brush and floss, stay hydrated, and be aware. It’s as easy as pie… pumpkin pie. Until your next dental appointment, we’ll have reminders about how to stay on track with your oral health on our Facebook page. Pop on over and give us a like. Happy fall Longmont!