• Top 10 Reasons to Visit Your Longmont Dentist

  • Longmont dentistSummer is in full swing.  The weather is great, outdoor activities are plentiful, and crisp evenings under the stars are a given.  Amidst all the fun, however, are you taking care of your health?  At our Longmont dentist office, we know how schedules can go awry when summer hits.  Yet, it is important to not neglect your oral health.  The season tends to be full of extra sweets from fresh strawberry-rhubarb pies to s’mores and ice cream.  So let’s look at why you should be stopping by our office this year.

    1. Recommended by professionals:  Two visits a year, every six months, is the ADA recommendation for a dental exam.  Our Family Dentistry practice and Longmont dentist use the opportunity to exam your teeth for cavities and decay.  We also ensure your gums are healthy, provide an oral cancer screening, and look for anything compromising your oral health.
    2. Jaw Pain: Pain in your jaw is a sign of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).  TMD can lead to improper bite issues and premature wearing down of your enamel.  If the pain has been ongoing for a while, call our office immediately.
    3. Red or Bleeding Gums:  Unhealthy gums are swollen and red and bleed when you brush or floss.  This is a symptom of gingivitis.  If gingivitis progresses, periodontal disease sets in.  Our Longmont dentist will help you begin a healthy oral treatment plan that will assist in fighting these issues.
    4. Bad Breath:  Romantic summer nights aren’t as fun when you have bad breath.  Chronic bad breath is a clear sign that bacteria has set up shop in your mouth.  Often, there is an underlying infection that needs to be handled.  Improper dental hygiene also leads to bad breath.  A regular dental exam will eliminate the plaque and bacteria causing the odor.
    5. Loose Adult Tooth: A loose adult tooth occurs from an injury or decayed tooth, most often.  It is important to catch this early so tooth and bone loss are avoided.  Our restorative dental procedures can correct the issue and minimize any damage.
    6. High-Risk:  If you have diabetes or are genetically prone to oral health issues, it is extremely important to stay up to date with your dental exams.  Compromised immune systems make it harder to recover from infections and gum disease.  A regular cleaning every six months with our Longmont dentist and hygienist will keep your oral health in check.
    7. Tooth Pain:  A toothache is no laughing matter.  Call our office if you experience tooth pain so we can get to the root of the problem.  Prolonging the visit leads to more decay, infection, and more office visits.
    8. Overall Health:  A dental visit is the key to ongoing excellent dental health.  Oral infections and compromised teeth affect your overall health more than you realize.
    9. Facial Swelling:  Swollen jaws and joints are a sign of infection or an abscess.  Quick action locates the source of the problem and helps to avoid larger problems.
    10.  For a great, ever-lasting smile!  Without a dazzling smile, people experience depression, social anxiety, and lack confidence.  Give your ego a boost with a beautiful smile.


    Don’t let your summer come to an abrupt end because you are overwhelmed with multiple dental appointments.  A single dental exam every six months will put you on track for a healthy mouth and fantastic smile.  For more tips on oral health, stop by our Facebook page or call our Longmont dentist today to schedule your cleaning.