• A Hint of Royalty: Dental Crowns

  • Longmont dentist crownsWere you one of the millions of Americans who set your DVR this month to watch the Royal Wedding?  We won’t lie; a few of our Longmont dentist staff did.  And how could you not?  It was a gallant affair and who doesn’t love a good love story?  The wedding got us thinking about crowns, well, perhaps not the Imperial State Crown that resides with the Crown Jewels, but in fact, dental crowns. 


    Dental Crowns and Royal Crowns

    One may have a few more thousands diamonds than the other, but both are a thing of beauty.  The history, gemstones, and heritage of the royal crown dates back centuries and instills a sense of country pride.  A dental crown brings its own beauty.  The procedure restores your smile so that it shines just as brilliant as a diamond.


    Should I Get a Crown?

    By all means, we all deserve to wear a crown or tiara at least once in our lifetimes.  Yet, if we have to settle for a dental crown, we should be just as happy.  The main reason is because a beautiful smile instills confidence in you.  A crown also strengthens your tooth so that additional damage is prevented.  Crowns are used for cracked teeth, dental implants, and occasionally as an anchor for a bridge when one or more teeth are absent.

    If you notice problems when chewing your food, a weak or damaged tooth may be to blame.  This, in turn, affects your digestive system.  Our body’s systems are all connected and your oral cavity plays a part in all of them.  If you are suffering from a missing tooth, dental pain, or an illness that is compromising your teeth, talk with our Longmont dentist about your options.


    Taking Care of Your Crown

    While you may have to be more careful with a crown, your normal dental hygiene routine is the place to start.  Twice daily brushing and flossing along with a visit to your Longmont dentist every 6 months is key.  You should also avoid hard foods that may damage your crown.  It will probably not last as long as the Royal Crown, but proper oral hygiene will keep your crown in the best condition and lasting its longest.


    If you want your smile to look its best a crown is a great option and easy to care for and maintain.  It will build your smile back to the way it was so you can look your best.  We offer restorative dentistry services because we love giving back our patients’ smiles.  Check out our Facebook page for more information on crowns or call us to schedule your appointment.