• Oral Cancer Awareness and Education

  • Dental Exam Oral Cancer Screening LongmontApril is considered Oral Cancer Awareness month.  This doesn’t mean you should only be concerned about oral cancer this month, however.  Our Longmont dentist wants all of our patients to understand oral cancer every month along with the risk involved when it goes undetected.  April may kick off the awareness and education of the topic, but it is up to you to maintain regular check-ups to ensure you stay safe and healthy.


    Should I be Concerned about Oral Cancer?

    Oral cancer affects people of all ages though it is generally seen in young adults through the elderly.  Smoking, tobacco use, and alcohol use previously lent to the highest number of oral cancer diagnoses.  However, with the rise in HPV in young adults, the younger aged group has surpassed the older generations in oral cancer reports.  Oral cancer is just one of many problems associated with HPV.  Thus, if you or your child is in need of the vaccine, call your doctor.

    Genetics is another factor in oral cancer.  Talk with our Longmont dentist to discuss the risks and symptoms of the disease at your next scheduled appointment.  Regular check-ups are the best option in prevention.


    Can I Get Oral Cancer if I Don’t Use Tobacco?

    Simply put, yes.  As stated above, smoking is not the only cause of oral cancer.  While it does increase the risks, pre-determined genetics, HPV, and poor nutrition can all put you at risk.  So, what does this mean?  This means you need to make sure you visit our Longmont dentist every 6 months.  We perform an oral cancer screening during every routine dental exam.  This allows us to catch any changes and abnormalities since your last visit.


    What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

    If you’ve been to our Longmont dentist, you’ve already been through an oral cancer screen.  We look for unexplained bumps or lumps in the oral cavity, throat, and neck.  We look for open sores that are not healing quickly as well as tissue discoloration.  The process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.


    If you haven’t scheduled your regular dental exam in a while, give our office a call so that you can avoid the complications and treatments associated with oral cancer.  It is not a subject to be ignored.  By disregarding a dental appointment, your oral cancer may not be caught until in an advanced stage.  Unfortunately, these cases result most often in death within 5 years of discovery.  Do yourself and your family a favor and call our office today for your screening and dental appointment, and keep up with the latest dental information on our Facebook page.