• Mouthguards for Your Spring Activities

  • Mouthguards - Mountain BikeThe season of spring is here which, unfortunately, means the ski season is coming to a close.  Fortunately, our great state is overflowing with a plethora of outdoor activities that keep us active while letting us enjoy the scenery.  As a Longmont dentist in the area, we’ve seen our share of problems that arise when cycling, skiing, mountain biking and more.  This year, before you head outside for your activity of choice, consider giving us a call about mouthguards.


    What Mouthguard is Right for Me?

    There are 3 styles of mouthguards that are available.  The first is a standard inventory item available at any sporting goods store.  These come as-is and only provide a slight amount of cushion to your teeth and jaw bones.  They aren’t molded to the specific shape of your mouth.

    The boil and bite mouthguard is also found at stores and can be molded by placing it in boiling water for a short time.  After a quick cooling off period, you can bite down on it and mold it to your teeth.  This is great for children whose teeth are constantly growing, moving, and falling out as their permanent teeth come in.

    A custom mouthguard made by our Longmont dentist is the perfect choice for adults.  You’re teeth and the shape of your mouth won’t be changing and you’ll get the best protection to your teeth available.


    When Should I Wear a Mouthguard?

    A mouthguard should be worn any time you are playing sports.  Injuries can happen during practice and during a game.  If you get into the habit of wearing one, it won’t feel awkward and distract you on game day.  Young children should wear a mouthguard during their spring sports as should adults.  Even if you are active with cycling or mountain biking, a mouthguard is a great idea.


    Why Should I Wear a Mouthguard?

    Sport injuries are the obvious answer.  However, our Longmont dentist wants to expand on that answer.  A mouthguard protects your teeth.  If you get hit in the face, the mouthguard gives you the extra protection you need to reduce the risk of a broken tooth.  Additionally, a mouthguard creates a small space between the jaw bones.  This space reduces the risk of jaw injuries, and even concussions, some say, in the event that a head injury occurs.

    If you flip over your handlebars, a mouthguard serves as extra padding to your teeth.  No matter what gets you outside and active, you benefit from a mouthguard.  So, before you head out to the trails or fields, ask yourself if you’d rather be playing or sitting in a dental chair.  We’d love to see you, of course, but more for your dental exam rather than an injury.  Our goal is to keep your teeth looking their best and a mouthguard helps us do just that.


    Give our office a call if you have questions pertaining to what style of mouthguard you need.  We can answer any questions you have.  Visit our Facebook page for more oral health care topics or stop by the office.  We look forward to seeing you!