• It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month!

  • Pediatric Dentistry - Longmont dentistAs we near the end of the month, let’s take a moment to look back.  What did you celebrate?  February is a month full of holidays and awareness; both traditional and obscure.  We have Black History and Women’s History Month.  We kick off the month with a furry rodent and end with a tribute to our forefathers.  Throw in some hearts in the middle and celebrate love with your sweetheart.  There is even a day to celebrate margaritas!  However you celebrate, our Longmont dentist hopes you remember one more reason to celebrate:  National Children’s Dental Health Month.


    Start Early

    Introduce your children to caring for their teeth as early as possible.  Our Longmont dentist office recommends a Dental Exam as babies reach the end of their first year.  Until then, you can use a soft washcloth to clean your baby’s gums.

    The reason clean gums are important is due to the bacteria that love the warm, breeding ground environment of a mouth.  The bonus for children is that the act of gently wiping the gums soothes sometimes inflamed gums where teeth are starting to pop through.

    Once that first tooth emerges, it’s best to brush it 2 times each day with a soft bristled toothbrush.  Then, as more teeth come in, you can start flossing between them.


    Don’t Get Frustrated

    We get it.  Trying to get your child on a schedule can often be a losing battle.  Just don’t give up.  Young children love to mimic their parents and do what they do.  If your child doesn’t like the idea of brushing their teeth, make a game out of it.  Brush your teeth and let them brush their own at the same time, copying your actions.  The act of brushing is helping them improve their fine motor skills which are developing as they age.  Follow it up with an in-home check-up of your own to ensure all their teeth are clean.  Then, make sure to visit your Longmont dentist at least twice each year for a Dental Exam.

    Elementary aged children may like reading a book about brushing and flossing or singing a song they found online.  Even technology has made brushing and flossing fun.  Find an app on your phone or tablet that your child will respond to best.  You’ll eventually find a method that works so you can have a tear-free bedtime routine.


    Avoid Excess Sweets

    Nearly 40% of children have been found to have tooth decay.  The gummy fruit snacks, sweet juices, and sticky snacks contribute to tooth decay.  Sugar sticks to teeth and begins destroying the enamel.  Offer healthy food choices to your children or at the very least, brush their teeth following these treats.  You’ll prevent cavities and instill a life lesson in your children about the benefits of healthy food choices and oral hygiene.


    So, wrap up this month with a focus on your child’s dental health.  If you need ideas on healthy snacks or oral hygiene tips, pop over to our Facebook page.  You can even take advantage of some of those obscure celebrations of February such as National Grapefruit Month, Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month, or National Cherry Month.  Enjoy!